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Bright Finishing S. De R.L. De C.V.

Bright Finishing

Bright Finishing is a leading company dedicated to the further development of the electroplating process, including metallic and organic surface treatments for the automotive, electronic, medical, home appliance, industrial & commercial industries.

Founded in December 1992 to support the manufacturing industry, committed to meet Quality and Service requirements at a competitive cost.

1992 - 2009: 17 Years of proven performance.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

Our Services 

  • Zinc Rack Plating
  • Zinc Barrel Plating
  • Trivalent Chromate
  • Matte Tin
  • Bright Acid Tin
  • Bright Dip

Our Commitment

Bright Finishing is registered in the National Institute of Ecology and PROFEPA (Mexico's EPA).

We also comply with all the permits and licenses respectively for Environmental and H&S Regulations that guarantees no environmental impact.

Our State of the Art rinse water treatment facilities consist of a reduction / oxidation of all metals followed by the sedimentation of solid materials.


In Mexico

C.P. 87499
H. Matamoros, Tam., Mex.


In U.S.A.

5845 East 14th. St.
Brownsville, TX. 78521

Bright Finishing S. De R.L. De C.V.

  • Address:   Calle Norte 4 #33
  • City:   Matamoros
  • State/Province:   Tamaulipas
  • Country:   Mexico
  • Postal Code:   87499

  • Web:

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