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Radley Corporation

Radley brings together the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you gain control of your business processes. Add visibility, productivity and efficiency while reducing labor and production costs. Choose from our platform of scalable solutions to meet your unique needs.


Automotive EDI

We designed Radley’s iCARaS (eye-CARE-us) automotive EDI software specifically for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

iCARaS simplifies the exchange of business documents. These include release accounting, demand reporting, shipping labels and more. Streamline business processes between you and your trading partners for maximum efficiency. Plus, we make it easy for you to stay compliant, end redundancy and reduce costs.


Container Tracking

Returnable containers are often overlooked within manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers. As a result, issues may occur with production, shipping, or customer requirements. The answer is Radley’s container tracking software to fill gaps in your manual processes.

Using barcoding or RFID data capture, you can track single components, returnable containers (RTIs) and tools through a user-friendly dashboard. Our robust solution includes Full Asset History, Automated Alerts, Reporting & Analysis, Preventative Maintenance, and Search & Query.


Inventory Control

For inventory control with ultimate flexibility, Radley barcode inventory control software delivers. Easily view inventory at one or many locations, all through a single configurable interface! Also, streamline receipts, inventory movements, physical counts and more to end lost or misplaced items and avoid over- or under purchasing, all while increasing customer satisfaction.


Labor Metrics

Optimize efficiency and increase employee productivity with Radley’s Labor Tracking software. Automatically collect time metrics against jobs, tasks, projects and work orders allowing labor and machine performance be measured, analyzed and reported against. Plus, gain insights into job costing, labor costs and project tracking.


Track Work-in-Progress (WIP)

Radley’s automated WIP tracking solution brings real-time visibility to your production process. You can track raw materials to finished product, all while automatically updating your ERP.


Integrated Labeling

Quickly generate accurate barcode labeling for each stage of receiving, inventory and shipping while automatically updating your ERP. By interfacing with machines, you can automatically print labels as goods are produced.


Experts in the Automotive Industry

Radley has served the automotive industry for over 40 years. As a result, we can bring our vast experience to ensure your implementation goes smoothly. Your Radley team guides you every step of the way, with an up-front Statement of Work and no hidden costs.

Learn more at or call 616-541-6010.