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American Cold Forge

American Cold Forge was founded in 2007 by engineers with over 90 years experience in the North American cold forging industry whose mission is to produce state of the art American-Made cold forged products.  Our adminstrative, engineering and manufacturing operations are located in Northwood, Ohio.

American Cold Forge’s product focus is twofold: 



Production of cold forged components incorporating net formed tooth profiles which offer our customers a less costly and higher strength alternative to hobbed, broached or shaper cut tooth forms


Production of medium to high volume application specific cold forged products that offer both reduced finish stock and reduced post forging machining as compared to cold headed and/or hot forged products

 American Cold Forge's current production equipment includes vertical mechanical presses ranging from 150 ton to 800 tons.  Typical volumes produced by American Cold Forge range from 20,000 to 6,500,000 pieces annually and include safety critical components for automotive steering and restraint system applications.

We recognize that nimble companies succeed and prosper in the current challenging market place and we do our utmost to help your company be the first to respond to your customer’s inquiries.  American Cold Forge's entire team takes personal responsibility for a prompt review of your inquiries and timely submission of quotations, often including suggestions for product design enhancements for increased performance and/or lower costs.  

Does your new project demand use of non-traditional materials?  American Cold Forge has access to our steel supply partner’s metallurgical development resources to establish processing and material selection recommendations which enhance our customer’s market position.  

In addition to supporting customers in the NAFTA market, American Cold Forge is currently developing export projects for both Europe and Japan.  American Cold Forge’s customers are leaders in the automotive, heavy truck, off-highway, oil field equipment, bearing manufacturing, and ordinance industries. 

American Cold Forge welcomes the opportunity to assist your company with the development of product enhancements using American Cold Forge's advanced cold forging technology.  How can American Cold Forge help your company be more successful in this challenging market? 

American Cold Forge

  • Address:   5650 Woodville Rd
  • City:   Northwood
  • State/Province:   OH
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   43619

  • Web:

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