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ASCO Advanced Supply Chain Organisation GmbH

We have over 20 years of profound experience in the international automotive logistics and supply chain management.

Our industry-specific, comprehensive and detailed process knowledge, which we have gained in medium and corporate sized businesses around the world.

This knowledge enables us to conceptualize enterprise or internal network directed complex projects throughout the supply chain and implement them in the form of innovative and robust logistics and material management systems.

The ASCO combines excellent technical knowledge with measurable practical skills. We achieve this with an extensive network of consultants consisting of practitioners, covering all areas of the supply chain and logistics.

The strength of the ASCO lies not only in consulting, but rather in the implementation and establishment of robust logistics processes that are tailored specifically to the needs of our customers.

In summary, as a result of their analytical process planning, their implementation and the  practical operation of the logistics processes, the ASCO GmbH is able to offer a comprehensive approach to managing a flexible supply chain.

ASCO Advanced Supply Chain Organisation GmbH

  • Address:   Weedstrasse 14b
  • City:   Egelsbach
  • State/Province:   _NA
  • Country:   Germany
  • Postal Code:   63329

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   Thomas Kobe
  • Title:   Managing Director
  • Phone Number:   +4961038075375
  • Email: