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Boomerang Carnets

We specialize in ATA Carnets, Carnet Bonds, and Cargo Insurance. The ATA Carnet is an internationally recognized Customs document that allows US exporters to temporarily export their Commercial Samples (CS), Professional Equipment (PE), or goods and/or equipment destined for an Exhibition & Fairs (EF). The main benefit of using an ATA Carnet is to eliminate the requirement to pay import duty and import taxes (VAT).  ATA Carnets are accepted in 85 participating countries and territories usually for up to one full year before the goods have to be Re-Exported back to the US.  ATA Carnets can also serve as a Registration of Goods with US Customs upon temporary export from the US to facilitate the re-entry back into the US.

Why pay high import duty and import tax (VAT)? When using an ATA Carnet you don’t have to. Allow us to help you save money and time through foreign Customs. You’ll spend less time with Customs and more time with customers.

Boomerang Carnets

  • Address:   18 East Dundee
  • City:   Barrington
  • State/Province:   IL
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   60010

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Who to Contact

  • Name:   Curt Wilson
  • Title:   President
  • Phone Number:   (800)282-2900
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