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Cameron Diversified Products

Powder Metal is a renewable, versatile, and cost-effective alternative to machined, castings, or stamped parts.  Distinct advantages of achieving “close to” or “exact” tolerances and final dimensions without excess machining operations and handling.  

Our 50 years of experience in the Powder Metal and Tool & Die industries allows us to work with you to provide Cost-Effective Solutions and Quality Products

A sampling of parts we produce are used in: Shock Absorbers, Gas Valve Parts, Carburetor & Manifold Blocks, Elevators, Snowmobile and Recreational Vehicles, Drive Assemblies, Medical Devices, Quick Disconnects, Set Collars, Actuating Arms, Ammunition Reloading Components, ABS Breaking Components, Conveyer Systems, Drive Sprockets, Fishing Reels, Aftermarket Automotive, Hand and Power Tools, Farm & Agriculture Equipment.  Types of parts include: Bushings, Gears, Threaded Nuts, Sprockets, Cams, Hubs, Pulleys, Bearings, Cranks, Latches, Crimpers, Rings, Cylinders, Stops, Sockets, Pins, Spacers,    Washers, Guides, Rollers, Wedges, Slugs, Multi-part Assemblies, and much more.  The possibilities are endless.


Cameron Diversified Products

  • Address:   479 Buena Vista Highway
  • City:   Wilcox
  • State/Province:   PA
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   15870

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