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Canada Rubber Group Inc.

For over 25 years, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has been the supplier of choice for sealing solutions, automotive/OEM solutions, and custom fabrications. With a global supply network and the latest production technology, we provide our customers with the very best products fabricated from elastomers, engineered plastics, and other materials.

From prototyping to production, CRGI works closely with OEMs and Tier 1-3 suppliers to provide automotive-specific parts. We supply parts which meet ASTM D2000 line call-outs, as well as the material specifications of major OEM’s, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Volvo. Parts we supply include: molded rubber products; seals and stripping; pedal pads; NVH parts; fuel tank cushions; gimp seals; plenum plugs; grommets;  and more.

Canada Rubber Group Inc.

  • Address:   405 Lake Road
  • City:   Bowmanville
  • State/Province:   ON
  • Country:   Canada
  • Postal Code:   L1C 4P8

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   Paul Carey
  • Title:   Automotive Sales Manager
  • Phone Number:   905-725-9800 ext 229
  • Email: