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China Jiuding Automotive Supplier Certification Co., Ltd.

China Jiuding Automotive Supplier Certification Co, .Ltd(abbreviate CASC), approval by CNCA(Certification and accreditation Administration of Peoples Republic of China)  and registered as a limited company in the mainland of China.
CASC was invested by 5 leading certification body of China, following strong and leading audit sources of auto manufacturing industry were integrated, CASC can provide the latest management certification services in 13 kinds of industry scope accredited by CNAS, especially for the suppliers in the auto manufacturing supply chain. CASC has a strong and professional auditor team qualified for ISO, ISO/TS and VDA6.1 third party senior auditor.
CASC is the only one domestic certification body accredited by CNAS and recognized by IATF/IAOB offering ISO 9001:2008 certification and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification.
CASC can help you improve your QMS performance and achieve your business goals by offering the trainings of ISO 9001:2008 internal auditor, ISO/TS 16949:2009 internal auditor, all kinds of quality management tools and knowledges.
CASC quality policy:
      Offering impartial, scientific, independent, effective certification services for automotive industry.
CASC quality objective:
      Keeping conformity with the requirements of national accreditation requirements and international rules for recognition, offering high efficient, high quality, value added certification services, targeting zero customer complaints and 100% satisfied customer and related party.

China Jiuding Automotive Supplier Certification Co., Ltd.

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