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At DiCentral, we provide a complete suite of automotive/just-in-time supply chain solutions that have been certified by major OEMs like Honda and General Motors, and have been used by Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 automotive suppliers for years. Additionally, we keep our products as uncomplicated as possible-we write our software and provide support with your staff in mind, which is why so many of our users have commented on how easy and intuitive our products are to use.

In the automotive/just-in-time industry, attention to detail is critical in order to ensure stringent requirements for product quality and deadlines are met. Your ability to exercise control over these details is where competitive advantage is found. DiCentral automotive/just-in-time solutions enable users to fulfill trading partner demands through the automation of critical tasks, providing you with heightened accuracy and streamlined business processes.


Features of DiCentral's Automotive/Just-in-Time Supply Chain Solutions:

Shipping features

      • Automatically extracts firm orders from incoming documents and adds them to data files
      • Allows viewing, changing, or adding firm orders
      • Fills in default shipper (Advance Ship Notice or Dispatch Advice) information for you
      • Automatically assigns firm orders to shippers, based on ship-to location, ship date, and time

Purchasing features

      • Prints all incoming purchasing documents automatically
      • Builds most of the PO acknowledgment for you
      • View lists and details of PO acknowledgments and Invoices already entered
      • Handles invoicing from different documents, depending on your trading partner

Additional standard features

    • Bar code label printing and scanning subsystem, which provides integrated bar code printing and either batch or radio frequency scanning for ASN (additional hardware may be needed)
    • Delay communications feature lets the system communicate at a time you choose, without user intervention
    • Automatic processing feature dials into your mailbox, pulls and prints documents, all without user intervention
    • Integration with virtually all ERPs and MRPs


  • Address:   1199 NASA Pkwy.
  • City:   Houston
  • State/Province:   TX
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   77058

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Who to Contact

  • Name:   David Eyes
  • Title:   Head of Business Development
  • Phone Number:   281-480-1121
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