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IGear Online, LLC

IGear is a software technology firm focused on connected manufacturing solutions that integrate machine assets with business systems to enable world class error poofing, traceability, and performance management.

Leading automotive manufacturers including BMW, Chrysler, Kia, Toyota, and many of their their suppliers leverage IGear software to solve complex challenges affecting manufacturing quality and productivity.

IGear's software portfolio for the automotive industry consists of four products.

CONNECT is a comprehensive connectivity and data movement platform. It enables centralized, transaction-based data transport by integrating real-time information among a diverse set of technologies including plant floor machines, PLCs, torque tools, robots, printers, sensors, scanners, and a myriad of other manufacturing device technologies along with software systems used for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

INSIGHT is a highly versatile, web-based data reporting and visualization platform. It enables Connected Manufacturing business applications by providing a unified reporting framework to simultaneously view and easily discern information from multiple, disparate data sources. 

ASSIST is a software product that establishes flexible control of the entire manufacturing process. By bridging the gap between plant floor machine control, quality assurance, production control, and information systems, ASSIST becomes a valuable foundation that enables management to atain 100% quality by ensuring the same steps are followed in the same way on every part regardless of the machines and operators used.

IGEAR TV is visual information system that allows for the management and disctribution of live information across multiple monitors and large format displays throughout the facility. Web based views are grouped by content channels and are rotated and scheduled based on a desired configuration. This allows relevant information to be presented where and when it is needed to engage employees and drive productivity.

IGear Online, LLC

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