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Matlab, Inc

Matlab is a custom coater started in 1979.  The company has 9 operating plants with powder and wet applications.  Industries served include military, medical, appliance, automotive, general industry, off road, etc.  Sizes range from a screw to a bull dozer.  System are batch and conveyor with iron phos, zirconization and zinc phos wash system.  Printing and other services can be added.

Matlab, Inc

  • Address:   1112 NC Hwy 49 South
  • City:   Asheboro
  • State/Province:   NC
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   27205

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   Press Brower
  • Title:   VP of Engineering
  • Phone Number:   (336) 629-4161
  • Email: