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Movent Automotive Industria E Comercio De Autopecas Ltda

The Movent Automotive, an 100% Brazilian company, is considered one of the country biggest producers and developers of suspension and steering assemblies and components, fulfilling the main country vehicle producers.

The products range also includes shift assemblies and shift systems.

The company was founded in 1952, in São Paulo. In 1963 the tie rod end and sockets production had been started and four years later the ball joints production had begun, due this it was established a new facility in Diadema. In 1985 the shift assemblies and shift systems production had been started. In 1989 it was created a research and technology pioneer center, and until nowadays it is considered one of the most complete of the automotive auto parts business.

Movent is a supplier of the main passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, vans, and trucks companies of Brazil since its foundation, and it is one of the leader companies on suspension and steering parts business.

Movent is recognized by the customers for the know-how, design-for-customer, products durability, technical assistance and solutions for several applications. It has an Engineering with all kinds of resources for development, such as: Data acquisition, CAE Analyses, CAD Design, Validation Tests and concept definition. Movent team has a long and wide experience on application and product adaptation to Brazilian market conditions.

In order to guarantee requisites, quality and competitive costs, the Movent company, besides having a verticalized productive process, with forging, manufacturing processes, weld, heat treatment, assembling and painting, also encompasses a robust and reliable chain of suppliers of plastic, rubber, casted and stamped itens.

Movent Automotive Industria E Comercio De Autopecas Ltda

  • Address:   Avenida Fukuichi Nakata, 451
  • City:   Diadema
  • State/Province:   _NA
  • Country:   Brazil
  • Postal Code:   09950-400

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   Jose Joia
  • Title:   Quality MAnager
  • Phone Number:   551140755527
  • Email: