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Pelican Wire Company

Pelican Wire is an employee-owned custom wire solutions manufacturer, with specialties in fine-gauge, high-temp Resistance wire & Thermocouple wire solutions across countless solutions. Industry experience includes Aerospace, Alternate Energy, Automotive, Defense/Military, Industrial Heating & Radiant Heating, among others. Located in Naples, Florida, Pelican Wire was founded in 1969 and continues to stand on our commitment to quality & innovation.   

Pelican Wire Company

  • Address:   3650 Shaw Blvd
  • City:   Naples
  • State/Province:   FL
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   34117

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   John Niggle
  • Title:   Business Development Director
  • Phone Number:   (239) 597-8555
  • Email: