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Standridge Logistics and Consulting

Standridge Logistics is a Certified Veteran Owned Third-Party (3PL) Company (certified by CVE and NVBDC) who can create an optimized pickup and delivery solution that provides reliable service, helps minimize costs, and improves distribution. With Standridge Logistics, you’ll rely on our personal service and have peace of mind that our experts are operating and managing this complicated process for you. We'll handle equipment planning, route optimization, and driver hiring, while you spend your time and capital making your business grow and keeping your clients happy. When the need for a fast, critical shipment comes up, Standridge Logistics is there to help. We provide both ground and air expedited shipping with time-definite pickup and arrival.

Standridge Logistics and Consulting

  • Address:   2700 Corporate Drive, #120
  • City:   Birmingham
  • State/Province:   AL
  • Country:   USA
  • Postal Code:   35242

  • Web:

Who to Contact

  • Name:   Pat Lozito
  • Title:   General Manager
  • Phone Number:   (205) 649-2100
  • Email: