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Surgere, Inc.

Surgere is the industry leader in automotive packaging visibility and control. We optimize our clients packaging supply chain with innovation, technology, engineering and financial solutions.


One of the biggest challenges plaguing the automotive industry is lost, or poorly controlled, packaging assets. AIAG reports that the Automotive Manufacturing Industry experiences an upward container loss of around 20% annually - In some cases even more! Worth an estimated $750m-$1B, this hemorrhage results in huge financial and operational strains on both the supply and value chain levels. The absence of reliable data and the general lack of visibility have led Surgere to develop a series of innovative returnable container management solutions. Thus, the Visibility and Control Era has truly begun.


COS Enterprise™ is the heart of Surgere’s packaging management platform; featuring advanced data analytics, robust micro and macro dashboards, customizable reports, widgets and more. COS™ allows OEMs, Tier Suppliers, Logistics providers and Supply Chain professionals to access and share their unique asset data through a powerful and universal packaging data ecosystem – COS Enterprise™


With supporting platform modules and inputs (sRFID™, PFEP+™, TVC™, USPEC™, APaK™) Surgere is able to present a truly unique toolset to its clients and provide full visibility and control to all aspects of the packaging lifecycle and supply chain.


One unique service, PaaS™ is unlike the outmoded pooling/rental programs that automotive industry has become so dependent on; Surgere offers a cleaner approach towards receiving “Packaging as a Service.” Deemed PaaS™, Surgere is transforming the financial relationship and providing all packaging, people, software, hardware and support needed for a successful program as a service. Off-balance sheet, PaaS™ addresses all of your packaging needs under one consistent monthly service fee.


As Surgere technology continues to shine light into the ‘black holes’ of automotive and continues connecting the industry through a shared data ecosystem, our clients will avoid loss, find optimization and benefit from accurate data and make truly informed decisions.


Surgere serves clients in the automotive, retail, consumer products and general manufacturing industries. Including companies such as Johnson Controls, Yanfeng, Cooper Standard, IAC, Dana, Magna, Whirlpool, as well as Alcoa, Best Buy, IB-Tech, Polaris, The Timken Company, Tyco Electronics, and many others.