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  • AIM Computer Solutions, Inc.   AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. offers specialized ERP and Supply Chain Management solutions for automotive part suppliers that include EDI, AIAG barcode labels and many other specialized features. We focus on Stamping, Molding, Machining and other repetitive manufacturing firms.  Plant floor mobility...
    Categories: Consultant, Information Technology, Production Parts Manufacturing
    Tags: ERP, mmogle

  • AMTEC Precision Products, Inc.   Amtec Precision manufactures precision machined and turned metal components. Products are found in engines, transmission, hydraulic and brake systems, HVAC, and sensors. Our equipment includes multiple spindle CNC screw machines, rotary transfer machining centers, vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers,...
    Categories: Production Parts Manufacturing
    Tags: PowerTrain, Gears, Shafts, Automotive EDI, injection molding, Barcode, steel, close tolerance, stainless steel, alloy steel, drilling

  • Amulaire Thermal Technology   AMULAIRE THERMAL TECHNOLOGY is a leading solution provider for power electronics cooling. Combining strong expertise in CFD design, powder metallurgy and proprietary metal forming technique, Amulaire is offering the best-in-class products to answer the demand of ever increasing power density. Amulaire's Nanopin...
    Categories: Production Parts Manufacturing

  • Flex Automotive Division   We design and build intelligent products for a connected world. Only Flex delivers on the innovation, visibility, cross-industry expertise, and commercialization solutions needed to produce high quality, reliable products at every point of production, from sketch to scale. As the Connected...
    Categories: Consultant, Engineering Services, Information Technology, Materials, Other Supplier, Production Parts Manufacturing, Quality Registrar, Tooling & Equipment
    Tags: Manufacturing, innovation, Flex, Flextronics, supplier, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier I, Tier II, sketch to scale

  • Ballard Power Systems Inc.   

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  • Power Packer Europa BV   

  • Cameron Diversified Products   Powder Metal is a renewable, versatile, and cost-effective alternative to machined, castings, or stamped parts.  Distinct advantages of achieving “close to” or “exact” tolerances and final dimensions without excess machining operations and handling.   Our 50 years of experience in the Powder Metal and...
    Categories: Aftermarket, Materials, Other Supplier, Production Parts Manufacturing
    Tags: Manufacturer

  • CLARCOR Engine Mobile Group   

  • GECOM Corporation   Striving to be the best in class. Established at Greensburg, IN in 1987 to manufacture high quality door locking mechanisms for the automotive industry.  At GECOM we manufacture Automotive Door Locks, Trunk Locks, Tailgate Locks and Openers, Power Sliding Door Systems,...
    Categories: Production Parts Manufacturing
    Tags: door locks, openers, trunk locks, power slides, tailgate systems, seat locks, hinges, checklinks, strikers