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Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood Pallets

Use for One-Way Domestic and Export Shipping 

High Performance at a Low Cost


  • A low-cost alternative to returnable plastic and conventional wooden for one-way domestic and export shipping
  • Twice as stiff as new wooden pallets and stiffer than export grade plastic pallets
    • The stiffer the pallet, the greater product protection and load stability during transit
    • Reduces the vibration transmission into sensitive products such as electronics
  • Product protection - 52% more resistant to lead edge deck board damage from fork lift trucks than new wooden pallets
  • Low moisture content of 8% at the time of manufacture
    • High resistance to mold and termites
    • Less moisture wicking into corrugated packaging
  • Meets the IPPC-ISPM15 export requirements with no additional treatments
  • Cradle to Cradle Certifiedcm Sustainable – designed to do more with less material
  • USDA BioPreffered Certified – made with a high percentage of renewable, plant based materials
  • Litco’s Inca molded pallets typically cost much less than plastic and new wooden.
  • As Low as US$7.75 each, for an automotive standard size 48" x 45"

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