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Automotive EDI

Here at Radley Corporation, we develop, deploy, and support a proven suite of EDI and barcode data collection software applications specifically designed to help you meet the Automotive Industry’s rigorous requirements.  Our mission is to add value to your existing business systems by providing industry-specific functionality as a standard product.  Established in 1974 just outside the Motor City, some say we have gasoline in our veins. Automotive suppliers are our customers because Automotive EDI is our passion!  

What Makes Radley Different

Radley’s standard product approach uses modern technology to lower your investment, deployment and implementation costs. Our On Demand offering provides further cost reduction by increased simplification of these tasks. Radley Corporation’s automotive staff are the pro’s when it comes to EDI and significantly reducing your short- and long-term costs of EDI ownership.  

With active users in over 30 countries, Radley's solutions are recognized as providing an exceptional return on investment and economical total cost-of-ownership. We are committed to providing client-first solutions and services that enable us to offer the business-specific extended functionality and reduced complexity our clients require. Radley can bring years of implementing and training experience to your organization. We do not outsource our services for Consulting, Project Management nor Support.

Reduce your day-to-day EDI Maintenance and operating costs. Update your enterprise EDI software applications with Radley's EDI On-Premise, On Demand, or On Any Cloud EDI solutions.  

Automotive Demand ManagementB2B EDI, and Supplier Collaboration solutions and more.  

The complete solution for Automotive EDI

Anything-to-anything communications, translation, and preconfigured trading partners make Radley's iCARaS a complete communications and translation solution with specific automotive functionality — not a consulting engagement to create one!

Visit our website www.radley.com or call us today 1-248-559-6858. 

Founded in 1974, an AIAG Member for over 30 years.

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